Portable Toilets

Kleenex Soap
Pink Lotion BoxED Soap. 800ml/12 Boxes per case
SKU 100-167Reg. Price $69.40 $35.00 On Sale!
Red Sink/Funnel
SKU 100-114Reg. Price $13.50 $11.50 On Sale!
Soap - Gallon
Pink Lotion Soap. 4 - 1 gallon jugs per case
SKU 100-166Reg. Price $29.50 $26.50 On Sale!
Soap Dispenser - Sani-Fresh
Sani-Fresh Soap Dispenser. Dispenser holds Pink Lotion Box Soap, 800ml
SKU 100-168Reg. Price $14.00 $11.00 On Sale!
Toilet Chemical
Portable Toilet Trestment - EXODOR Porta-Pak Express, 4 bags per case, 75 packs per bag. Sold per case
SKU 100-170Reg. Price $125.00 $111.00 On Sale!
Toilet Paper
Standard 2 Ply Toilet Paper, 80 rolls per case
SKU 100-171Reg. Price $55.65 $40.00 On Sale!
Toilet Valve
3in. Male Thread Toilet Valve. Great for portable toilets and motorhomes.
SKU 100-172Reg. Price $35.00 $28.95 On Sale!

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