Paper & Cleaning Products

Absorbal Wipers
12.5in. x 14.4in. 1/4 Fold, Poly Banded Towel. Absorbs liquids, greases, oils, and common solvents. Wipes surfaces dry, leaving them ready to use. Saves the high cost of rental shop towels and rags. Bright white color. 18 pks of 56 per case.
SKU 100-175Reg. Price $81.50 $83.50 On Sale!
Kleenex Soap
Pink Lotion BoxED Soap. 800ml/12 Boxes per case
SKU 100-167Reg. Price $69.40 $35.00 On Sale!
Konie Cup Dispenser
Dispenser for Solo 4-1/4 oz. Cone Cups
SKU 100-163Reg. Price $14.95 $11.95 On Sale!
Konie Cups no.42R
4-1/4 oz. Cone Cups. 5,000 cups per case. Quantity discounts available. Similar to Solo #42R. Outside diameter is 2-7/8in. across.
SKU 100-169Reg. Price $72.25 $65.00 On Sale!
Pop N Wipe Towels
9.5in. x 16.5in. Cloth-Like Towel. Similar to wypall towels. Bright white color. Pop-up dispenser carton for easy storage and protection; ideal for service truck or outdoor use. 9 boxes of 100 per case.
SKU 100-174Reg. Price $87.40 $78.75 On Sale!
Purell no.9657-12
Purell hand sanitizer 800ml, 12 boxes per case
SKU 100-215Reg. Price $138.45 $124.60 On Sale!
Quick Cup Flat Cups
4 oz. Flat Envelope Cups. 10,000 cups per case. Quantity discounts available.
SKU 100-162Reg. Price $199.00 $169.25 On Sale!
Sani-Tuff Wipers no.58310
11.75in. x 12in. Heavy Duty Pre-moistened wipes. 8 canisters of 50 per case.
SKU 100-165Reg. Price $81.75 $73.50 On Sale!
Single Fold Paper Towels
Single Fold Natural Paper Towels
SKU 100-164Reg. Price $38.89 $35.00 On Sale!
Single Fold Towel Cabinet
Single Fold Paper Towel Cabinet. White
SKU 100-173Reg. Price $37.00 $32.00 On Sale!
Soap - Gallon
Pink Lotion Soap. 4 - 1 gallon jugs per case
SKU 100-166Reg. Price $29.50 $26.50 On Sale!
Toilet Paper
Standard 2 Ply Toilet Paper, 80 rolls per case
SKU 100-171Reg. Price $55.65 $40.00 On Sale!

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